Episode 4 – Michael Weiss, bitemojo

Passionate foodie entrepreneur Michael Weiss discusses the unique characteristics of independent cultural discovery through culinary experiences in this very personal episode of the WYSTC 2019 podcast series.

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Empowering women in Sri Lanka through Tourism

10% of the population in Sri Lanka follows the Muslim faith. Many women of this faith live in rural areas, restricting their opportunities for work and progression and society’s attitudes towards various types of employment in this part of the world can also be an...

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Safety; Who ensures it for the youth travel market?

Youth travellers are seeking to experience new cultures, customs and opportunities to live like a local, however this pursuit comes with its own risks. How do providers and we as an industry achieve quality through a sensible balance of risk mitigation, certification...

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What to do and see while in Lisbon

Offering amazing cuisine, ornate architecture and stunning views, Lisbon is a cultural hub buzzing with life. Discover our ‘essential to do’s’ during your time at WYSTC.

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Workshops at WYSTC 2019

Based in the trade hall this year, WYSTC workshops are short, informal peer-to-peer presentations on specific topics and issues of importance to youth travel professionals.

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