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For more information about the educational programme and speaker policies, click here.

Why attend

  • Over 600 attendees from the global youth and student travel industry
  • 150+ pre-selected buyers
  • Up to 48 pre-scheduled business appointments
  • 92% senior management attendees
  • 25 seminars and workshops
  • Up to 7 networking events

Education programme and speaker policies

All speakers are required to abide by the following policies upon submission and acceptance of a proposal to speak at a WYSE Travel Confederation conference.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We are committed to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion at our conferences and endeavour to create educational programming that is mindful of these values. Realistically, the education programme at each of our conferences is unique and very much a co-creation. We ask you to work with us in fostering diverse, equitable and inclusive programming and community.

In our educational programming, we strive for:

  • Gender-balance, with 50:50 representation of men and women
  • Diversity with respect to age, race, ethnic and/or cultural background

When brands are invited to speak at our conferences, we ask decision-makers to consider these values when appointing representatives to speak on behalf of their brand or organisation.

Environmental impact

We aim to minimise as much as possible the environmental impact that our education programme contributes to each of our conferences by. WYSE Travel Confederation strives to:

  • Limit long-haul flights for invited guest speakers
  • Utilise accommodation providers and session rooms that conserve water and energy and reduce or recycle waste
  • Recommend sustainable means of ground transportation, including walking routes and public transportation options
  • Avoid where possible the use of single-use plastic water bottles
  • Abstain from paper handouts at sessions
  • Abstain from gifts to speakers.
  • Conference registration and travel costs

All speakers are required to register for the conference they are speaking at. Unless otherwise agreed, all costs associated with travelling to and attending the conference, including registration, are the responsibility of the individual speaker.

Discounts and honoraria

Unless otherwise agreed, speakers are not provided with honoraria or conference registration discounts.

Professional integrity

All educational sessions at WYSE Travel Confederation conferences are intended to be learning opportunities for attendees. Speakers are expected to:

  • Deliver content of educational value
  • Properly credit the work of others when referring to research findings, case studies, and other intellectual property
    Avoid promoting your own products and/or services, personal interests.

Diversity and innovation

Educational sessions composed of speakers from diverse fields of knowledge and the ability to discuss topics from novel and innovative perspectives are encouraged. Sessions that combine the following are encouraged:

  • Diverse areas of tourism and cultural exchange
  • Integrate viewpoints from outside of the tourism industry
  • Bring under-represented and lesser-heard opinions, initiatives, and partnerships to the fore.


WYSE Travel Confederation is committed to working together with conference attendees to meet accessibility needs.

When an event takes place online:

  • WYSE Travel Confederation’s website meets accessibility software criteria
    online content is recorded and available online post-event with subtitles added where required.

When an event takes place in person:

  • All venues contracted are accessible to those with a mobility impairment
    Recorded content is available post-conference to those with accessibility requirements.

Please contact us for assistance.