WYSTC registration fees

Please see below an overview of the rates to attend WYSTC Lisbon.  Please note that rates are per person and are excluding any applicable VAT.


Member level
Early bird Regular
Non-WYSE Member €2,099 €2,599
WYSE member – Starter €1,999 €2,499
WYSE member – Associate €1,799 €2,299
WYSE member – Association €1,799 €2,299
WYSE member – NTB/OTO €1,799 €2,299
WYSE member – Full €1,499 €1,999
WYSE member – Service provider €1,399 €1,899
WYSE member – Elite 1,099 €1,599

Rates refer to WYSTC 2019.

Please note that selected buyer organisations are invited to participate on special terms. 

WYSTC Lisbon registration fee includes:
  • Up to 48 pre-scheduled face to face appointments
  • Opportunity to meet with 200+ pre-selected buyers
  • Access to attendees list including buyer information
  • 3 keynote speakers
  • 10 seminars
  • 15 workshops
  • Transportation to main networking venues
  • Coffee breaks and lunches
  • Up to seven networking events, including the Global Youth Travel Award ceremony

Exhibitor packages

Please see below an overview of the rates to have your own exhibition booth at WYSTC Lisbon.  Please note that booths can be ordered during the registration process and that the rates below are in addition to the WYSTC registration fee and exclusive of any applicable VAT. Booths will be billed separately and cannot be paid for during the registration process.

Booth type Member early bird* Member regular* Non-member early bird Non-member regular
Shell Scheme Booth 4m²
(2m wide x 2m deep = 4m²)
 €899   €999  €1,299 €1,399
Shell Scheme Booth 6m²
(3m wide x 2m deep = 6m²)
 €1,299  €1,599  €1,699   €1,999
Shell Scheme Booth 8m²
(4m wide x 2m deep = 8m²)
 €1,599  €1,899  €1,999   €2,299
Shell Scheme Booth 10m²
(5m wide x 2m deep = 10m²)
 €1,899  €2,199  €2,299   €2,599
Shell Scheme Booth 12m²
(6m wide x 2m deep = 12m²)
 €2,199  €2,499  €2,599   €2,899
Floor Space Only (outside of the WYSE shell scheme): €375 per m²

All booths include: fascia board with your organisation name and booth number, a table and chairs (the number depends on the booth size), a power socket, a waste bin, lighting and a literature rack**

* Member rate is based on a full membership, for other member rates please contact events@wysetc.org
** Printing of booth panels and additional furniture can be ordered and paid through our booth supplier.