The local volunteer project is a traditional first-day activity at the World Youth and Student Travel Conference and is an opportunity for the WYSE Travel Confederation team and youth industry leaders to contribute to the conference’s host city. Through this project we reiterate our commitment to support local communities in a sustainable way.

Volunteer project for WYSTC 2024 – Upcycling in Lisbon, Portugal

The project for WYSTC 2024 will take place near the Lisbon Congress Center.

The volunteer project runs from 9:00 – 12:00 on Tuesday, 24 September.

This project tackles both environmental and social issues head-on. On the environmental front, it addresses the challenge of single-use plastic by repurposing 1.4 kg of hard plastic from bottle caps into practical items like skateboards, ping pong paddles, and beach tennis rackets. Collaborating with local restaurants and schools, we collect these caps, turning waste into resources.

Socially, the initiative aims to foster the integration of marginalised communities by situating the project’s base in a neighbourhood skatepark. This not only promotes access to skateboarding for local children but also strengthens community ties and support networks.

Participants will learn about the circular economy, about the different types of plastic, its impact on the environment, and how each of us can use less plastic in our daily lives.

We are eager to see the positive impact we can achieve together and look forward to welcoming you to our team of changemakers!

“I believe that travel can be a force for good and in this gathering of people who want to make a change, we can transform this energy in real positive impact. That’s what this action is all about!”

Rita Marques, CEO of ImpacTrip

Lisbon food bank


Day: Tuesday, 24 September 2024

  • 08:30am: Arrive at the Hyatt Regency Lisbon; the venue will be within walking distance of the hotel.
  • Welcome and introduction
  • The participants will be involved in the whole process of transforming waste into products for kids. Tasks include:
    • Sorting different types of plastic
    • Shredding plastic caps
    • Melting the shredded plastic
    • Assembling the moulds and creating the projects
  • 12:00: Debriefing and end of the project

We advise volunteers to bring comfortable clothes and shoes, plus their own reusable bottle.

This activity is exclusively available to confirmed delegates attending WYSTC.

If you have already registered for WYSTC and wish to participate in this project, please use the link provided in your confirmation email to modify your registration and select the Volunteer Project under social events.

If you have not yet registered for WYSTC and would like to join this project, you can register here and choose the Volunteer Project during the registration process.

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