Experiential learning: Dissecting a trend in study abroad programmes

Friday, 21 September – 14:00 – 15:00
Pentland room

Experiential learning is on the rise and we see the term being used to describe a wide range of programmes from traditional classroom settings to field education and everything in between. What is meant by this buzz phrase? What exactly makes learning experiential? What new forms of partnerships does it create? These are some of questions we will ponder during this discussion with a panel of experts from different segments of the study abroad sector.

Join in to have a closer look at the challenges and opportunities of this trend. It is an essential session for organisations working with educational tours, internships, volunteering, language learning, and service learning, as well as sports- and subject-focused educational programmes.


Lauren Groves

General Manager

Barry Rawlings

General Manager
EDU Africa

Laura Rose

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Greenheart International


John Cedergardh

STS Education

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