Being ready for the Asian market by digitising

Wednesday, 9 October – 12:00 – 13:00
Room: Auditorium 8

Klook is the leading online travel agent specialising on in-destination services. Klook’s target audience is 18 to 30 FITs from the Asian market who are looking to join tours, visit attractions or anything that’s involved within a destination.

Join Matt Cuckston of Klook to learn why digitising the tours & activities space is particularly important for Asian markets and how Klook is helping to put a global market worth an estimated $150 billion annually online.

Born in Hong Kong and just five years old, Klook is already valued at over $1.6 billion and has raised $520 million in funding from investors to expand its global footprint.


Matt Cuckston

European Director

Why attend

  • Over 600 attendees from the global youth and student travel industry
  • 200+ pre-selected buyers
  • Up to 44 pre-scheduled business appointments
  • 92% senior management attendees
  • 25 seminars and workshops
  • Up to 7 networking events