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Tim Poullain-Patterson

Co-founder, Jakera Cuba

Tim Poullain-Patterson co-founded Jakera Cuba in 2014 offering a variety of cultural immersion programmes combining learning Spanish with cultural excursions, dance lessons and volunteering. Though most of Jakera Cuba’s activities are based in Habana, student clients also spend time in Vinales, Playa Giron and Trinidad. Jakera Cuba also hosts ‘normal’ tourists who wish to travel throughout Cuba enjoying hospitality and activities in 10 destinations around the country.

Since 2014 Jakera has hosted over 2,000 clients visiting Cuba. Navigating the rules in a communist country has been at times challenging, but the greatest challenge has been navigating the rules and restrictions that apply to US citizens who wish to visit their nearest offshore neighbour. The good news is that Cuba is as mesmerising, beautiful and exciting as ever. In some ways off the grid, it offers a unique travel experience during an era where the world seems increasingly accessible and homogeneous.

In 2017 Tim founded Monterrico Adventure in Guatemala. He also represents schools in Costa Rica and Colombia.

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