Cutting through the digital noise: The power of communicating your brand in youth travel

Date – 14 September 2023
Time – 16:10 – 16:30
Location – Workshop area, CCL

Are you ready to take your travel brand to new heights and inspire the next generation of intrepid explorers? In this workshop, we will explore the transformative power of storytelling and how it can positively impact not only your brand, but your target audience.

Storytelling isn’t just about publishing content; when crafted with care and infused with genuine passion and knowledge it can be a transformative force that breathes life into your brand, forging strong connections with your target audience. Great storytelling doesn’t just inform – it empowers and inspires young travellers.

In this session we’ll explore how your brand can break through the noise, captivating the attention of youth travellers, and leaving a lasting impression. We’ll demonstrate how storytelling acts as a powerful conduit of values and personality, building trust and consideration in the hearts and minds of young adventurers.

By understanding your brand’s unique story, you’ll empower youth travellers to embrace and advocate for your offerings, setting the stage for a more profound travel experience. From booking that first flight to ensuring safety on the road, storytelling becomes the key that unlocks doors for all brands in the travel planning spectrum. Whether you are a travel insurance provider or a funky travel abode, a youth travel operator or a volunteer organisation, this workshop will equip you with the tools to connect with the adventurous spirits of the younger generation.

Let’s weave stories that resonate, captivate, and spark the wanderlust within every youth traveller!


Enda Kelleher - 2023 WYSTC speaker

Jonathan Frankham

General Manager, UK & Europe
World Nomads