Advocates and ambassadors: The key role of the travel industry to inspire positive change

Date – 15 September 2023
Time – 11:30 – 12:30
Location – Auditorium 6/7, CCL

Monty Halls explores the significance of travel in building bridges, inspiring future generations and creating passionate ambassadors for the natural world. A lifetime of travel with groups of every nationality and background has illustrated vividly to him the power that new places and introductions to new cultures have to inspire empathy and build links between nations. Vividly illustrated by world class images and clips, Monty’s talk is a celebration of the importance of travel in the modern world, of the creation of truly global citizens and in inspiring the change makers of tomorrow.


Monty Halls - Speaker at WYSTC 2023

Monty Halls

Broadcaster, Speaker, Naturalist, former Royal Marine, Marine Biologist, Travel writer and Leadership specialist