Adapt and thrive: The changing shape of youth travel

Date  – 13 September 2023
Time – 9:30 – 10:30
Location – Auditorium 6/7, CCL

You may have noticed: change is coming. Fossil fuel burning will soon be from a bygone era. More and more investors, governments, staff and customers are prioritizing companies and destinations that place people and planet at the heart of their business models. But what does this mean for you? Are we really expecting young travellers to stop flying, or asking all travel companies to take on additional responsibilities for the well-being of the destinations they sell?

The Travel Foundation has been leading the charge to accelerate the industry’s response to the climate crisis. Since 2021 it has worked alongside the UN World Tourism Organization to develop, launch and implement the Glasgow Declaration for Climate Action in Tourism. This keynote will draw upon ground-breaking research such as our new Envisioning Tourism in 2030 and Beyond report and our considerable experience working in the field with companies and destinations on issues related to climate change and equity. We’ll present compelling future scenarios that preview the shape of the industry to come, while enabling attendees to reflect on the implications of those scenarios and what they might mean within the context of the youth travel sector as well as their own business environment

For those who are ready to face the future head on – including looking honestly at growing challenges and mitigating parallel risks – the youth travel sector is filled with opportunities for creativity and leadership, including: new products, new markets, new systems and new relationships. While business as usual disappears in the rear-view mirror, the industry’s future will be full of transformative change, and those who build in resilience and adaptability now will have the best chance to both thrive and lead the way.

Change is here, so we’re pleased to have Kelly Galaski of the Travel Foundation talk to us about:

  • what change looks like for the youth travel sector
  • what your role is in that ecosystem
  • opportunities for leadership and market positioning
  • how you can take action today.


Kelly Galaski

Kelly Galaski

Sustainable Tourism Specialist
Travel Foundation