If you are a WYSE Travel Confederation member but do not have your login details, or your login details do not work, please contact the WYSE Travel Confederation membership team on +31 (0)20 421 2800 or email membership@wysetc.org.

Qualified buyer terms and conditions


  • By completing and submitting the WYSTC buyer application form, the applicant understands that his/her registration must be confirmed in writing by WYSE Travel Confederation.
  • The buyer agrees to pay a EUR 800 registration fee upon approval of application.
  • The application for registration is not an offer and attending the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) may be restricted or cancelled by WYSE Travel Confederation for any reason.
  • The buyer is responsible for all travel arrangements and costs incurred to, during and from the event unless stated in the official programme, and unless otherwise agreed in writing by WYSE Travel Confederation. The buyer is responsible for any additional costs associated with travel and/or accommodation that significantly extends beyond the conference dates (i.e. before 20 September or after 24 September), including price difference in airfare.
  • In the event of hotel accommodation being hosted by WYSE Travel Confederation, the buyer is responsible for all additional charges such as room service, laundry, breakfast, etc.
  • If hosted flights and/or accommodation are booked and ticketed by WYSE Travel Confederation, the buyer is responsible for any fees or charges incurred due to ticket changes.
  • The buyer is responsible for securing and paying any fees in relation to a visa for Serbia.
  • The buyer understands that approval for a qualified buyer registration is subject to availability and ability to meet the set criteria. The final decision lies with WYSE Travel Confederation.
  • The buyer agrees to read in full the buyer section and its sub-pages on www.wystc.org/buyers/.
  • The buyer should contact events@wysetc.org with any further questions.
  • For list of selection criteria, please click here.
  • By registering for WYSTC, the buyer agrees to the general WYSTC terms and conditions.
  • The buyer agrees to provide breakdown of numbers sent per sector. The non-aggregated information is for internal use only.


  • The buyer agrees to have secured a minimum of 27 appointments one week prior to the event taking place.
  • The buyer must fully complete his/her profile on Marcom e-Schedule PRO within ten working days of receiving the login details.
  • The buyer must respond to business appointment requests within ten working days of receiving a request.
  • If a significant number of scheduled appointments are missed (no-shows), or not pre-scheduled, the buyer will be fully and solely responsible for a misconduct fee of EUR 30 per appointment missed or not scheduled, and for the total price of their hosted accommodation and flights.
  • Buyers who have all or part of their registration, travel and/or accommodation hosted, and who wish to cancel their attendance, must do so in writing to events@wysetc.org by 1 July 2016. Buyers who cancel their attendance after 1 July 2016 will be subject to a cancellation fee of EUR 800. No refunds (eg administrative fee or registration fee) will be available to partially or fully hosted buyers who cancel their attendance after 1July 2016.
  • The buyer understands that his/her presence is required at all official WYSTC functions as indicated in the programme.
  • The qualified buyer programme is restricted to one delegate per organisation.
  • The buyer understands that all participant arrangements and/or changes must be submitted in writing and confirmed by WYSE Travel Confederation prior to WYSTC.
  • The buyer agrees not to use his/her attendance at WYSTC for his/her own commercial purposes by trying to sell or offer services or products to other event participants.
  • The buyer is only permitted to participate in approved WYSTC familiarisation trips.

Liability and insurance

  • WYSTC is not liable for any claim of theft, damage of property, or injury sustained while participation takes place.


  • WYSTC shall have full power to interpret and amend the above mentioned terms and conditions.
  • Should a buyer fail to comply with the WYSTC Buyer terms and conditions, a misconduct charge of EUR 800 will be applied and the total price of their hosted accommodation and flights will be charged back to the buyer.
  • Any misconduct will also incur that the buyer will be denied any further participation at any WYSE Travel Confederation hosted events.