Tour operator? Amplify your activities with bitemojo

Thursday, 10 October – 16:00 – 16:20
Workshop area

bitemojo is an award-winning mobile app that empowers city discovery experiences for the youth travel market by combining self-exploration, immersion, and local cuisine into one integrated experience with nothing but a smartphone. In this session you will learn as a tour operator how bitemojo is built to enhance in-destination experiences for your groups, how it can cater from 10 to 1000 participants at a time, how a tailored self-exploration food experience will boost your group’s satisfaction and educational goals, and how easily you can fit a bitemojo experience into your multi-day itineraries in the most fascinating cities in the world.


Michael Weiss


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  • Over 600 attendees from the global youth and student travel industry
  • 200+ pre-selected buyers
  • Up to 44 pre-scheduled business appointments
  • 92% senior management attendees
  • 25 seminars and workshops
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