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WYSTC 2015 appointment scheduling is open

28 July 2015
28 Jul 2015 -

WYSTC’s business appointment scheduling system Marcom eSchedule PRO has officially opened!

Key buyers will be filling up their appointment slots quickly so if you’ve registered, start scheduling your meetings now. The 20-minute meeting sessions provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to meet with up to 45 new and existing contacts from around the world, helping you to build important business partnerships and alliances.

What is Marcom eSchedule PRO?

For those of you who haven’t been to WYSTC before, Marcom is a powerful online tool that helps you to find new business contacts and more importantly, lets new business contacts to find you. You can then schedule appointments with these contacts through the tool, either at your own booth if you choose to have one, or at an allocated table.

By prearranging your appointments you can always find the people you have arranged to meet.

The importance of Marcom cannot be overstressed and WYSE Travel Confederation Director General David Chapman notes that the way you set up your profile in Marcom eSchedule PRO is essential.

Firstly, check your profile details to make sure that this clearly reflects what you and your business do. Uploading a photograph of yourself is a very good idea as it helps everyone recognise each other.

“Next – and this is the most important part of all  – enter your trading profile . If your business provides a service, make sure that you only profile yourself as a seller or a receiver. Checking all the boxes will get you more appointment requests but the appointment time may be wasted as the contact will probably want to receive business like you do. Look for buyers of your product by searching for the buyer logos in Marcom.”

Don’t delay, Marcom is open so update your profile and start requesting those meetings as the popular businesses you may want to engage with tend to fill their appointment slots early.

Booking your face-to-face meetings with key organisations from across the world could make a significant impact on your business.

If you are already registered you should have already received your Marcom login details – contact us if you have not yet received them.

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