Read testimonials from attendees of the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC).

“Best networking event of the year for youth and student travel! The combination of educational sessions, keynotes and business meetings makes it rewarding and highly inspirational.”

Pernille Vaupel
Concept Manager
KILROY International A/S

“This event provides the exact calibre of decision makers needed to grow your business. There are no other events in our conference schedule that is more important to attend, sponsor and participate in.”

John Ricci
Managing Director
J1 SIMcards

“Professional and effective.”

Stephanie Shi
Deputy Director of Investment Dept.
Jin Jiang Education Training Tour

“We found the WYSTC event tremendously well organised, and an invaluable opportunity to meet fellow industry professionals and gain new business links. We would recommend this event to any player in the corporate travel industry.”

Joseph Parton
Partner Relationship Manager
Oxford Royale Academy

“Thank you for hosting me. It was my first WYSTC and it was very valuable for me. I hope I will be able to join you next year in Lisbon.”

Julie Graham
Programs Director
Kaya Responsible Travel

“Loved the whole thing and look forward to next year! Well done to everyone involved in organising, fantastic event!”

Sonia Oke
Manager, Communications
Conservation Volunteers

“Love you guys. Is that unprofessional? Whatever. I do anyway ;-)”

Stephanie Taylor-Carrillo
PR and Communications Director

“For a start-up, WYSTC is a real opportunity to establish yourself and meet potential worldwide partners. For mature businesses, it’s great to catch up with everyone all in one place, and see what’s new in the market.”

David Stitt
Managing Director
Gap 360

“Attending [WYSTC] continues to open my eyes to the endless possibilities for growth and, most importantly, showed me that I’m part of a community of individuals who feel the same passion about the importance of student & youth travel.”

Fredrick Elliott
Head Of Business Development

“I appreciate all the hard work that your team puts forward. It is always a pleasure seeing you all!”

Michelle Hirschfeld
National Sales Director
Hostelling International USA

“WYSTC has provided the perfect stage for buyers and sellers in the youth travel industry to network professionally and at the same time shine a spotlight on emerging travel destinations. The event is run smoothly, with friendly volunteers on hand to help you work out where you are meant to be next. Its a jam-packed week and it goes by so fast.”

Dave O’Malley
Business Development Manager – EMEA
World Nomads

“WYSTC is fantastic. I wish I could have another opportunity to attend in the next one. Thanks a lot!”

Jie Li
Chengdu Infinity Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd

“WYSTC provided an outstanding platform to meet new clients, network with both old and new clients and to discover new innovations in our industry.”

Kevin McCormick
Sales and Quality Manager
University of Bath

“WYSTC is the best conference you can attend in order to grow your business, meet new people and opportunities, learn awesome things in the youth market and discover new places around the world. If you are involved in any kind of activities related to young people you should consider attending the next WYSTC Conference!”

Alex Mitroi
Operations Director
American Experience

“As usual it was a great meeting for us.”

Joanna Burnet
Australian Working Adventures

“In our industry, WYSTC provides the only opportunity for us to meet dozens of existing partners and key relationships in one space. You can get a month’s worth of partner visits done in three days, whilst surrounding yourself in an environment with people from all over the world who share the same vision around the power of Cultural Exchange.”

Robert Burchell
Business Development Director
Smaller Earth

“WYSTC 2018, Edinburgh was a fantastic conference! Earthstompers Adventures made plenty of new business connections, received information about the ever-changing youth travel market and, exploring this magical city was just amazing! Looking forward to Lisbon next year!”

Cindy Schalkwyk
Marketing Manager
Earthstompers Adventures

“The WYSTC team have done a fantastic job in creating WYSTC 2018 and ensuring everything went smoothly. Can only imagine what a mammoth task it is to create such an event.”

Scarlett Kdowsett
Regional Manager

“It is imperative and fantastic to have WYSE organisation representing youth tourism.”

Anne Dolan
Clink Hostels

“As usual this was the ‘event of the year’ for us and the fact that it fitted neatly between two sets of Canadian Youth Travel expos made it all the more valuable.”

Joanna Burnet
Australian Working Adventures / Visitoz

“I really enjoyed how WYSTC brings together the decision makers at youth travel companies from all over the world, meaning a new opportunity is just a few minutes’ chat away. The philosophy of youth travel also means the conference is fun as well, with lots of social events built into the calendar of appointments and seminars.”

Philip Cabra Netherton
Managing Director
Euroventure Travel Ltd

“WYSTC never disappoints when it comes to networking opportunities or relevant seminars. It’s great to be able to get updates from leading industry people – from surveys, to talks about a potential crisis or emerging trends. Keep up the good work!”

Joan Lott Carlsen

“I found the conference to be a good format to network due to the limited size and convenient location.”

Stefania Bresquar
GEO International

“Congratulations to all staff, your hard work was worth it!”

Maura De Araujo Leão
CEO, President
Yázigi Travel

“WYSTC is a great place to network with people from the industry, exchange ideas, learn about the trends and challenges and, make new connections.”

Julie Graham
Programs Director
Kaya Responsible Travel

“It was a very good conference, very productive and hopefully I’ll attend it next year in Lisbon.”

Marie Claude Saliba
General Manager
Educom Overseas

“This was my first time attending the conference. I found it an amazing introduction into networking and forming new business relationships. The ‘speed dating’ concept is very effective.”

Sophie Bagheri
Business Development Manager
Once in Cape Town

“For Travello, WYSTC was a fantastic event, as an emerging company, to make new connections and gain invaluable exposure to potential partners. The connections we made in 3 days would have taken us 3 months to gather without the event. It was a great experience for us at Travello App.”

Ryan Hanly
Travello App

“At WYSTC, I met the partners I was looking for, who share the same values and purposes. Together we can promote positive and sustainable social impact throughout the world, challenging frontiers and encouraging intercultural understanding.”

Agustina Gutiérrez
Director/ Co-Founder

“Thank you for everything! We are proud to be your member!”

Elena Shabalovskaya
General Manager/Owner
Kazakhstan Council for Educational Travel

“I was very impressed with the quality of service provided, organization, details and care with the participants. Seminars had a high level of content and it was worth every minute to participate at the Conference.”

Maura De Araujo Leão
CEO, President
Yázigi Travel

“WYSTC sets the benchmark for international B2B networking and collaboration. Simply a must for your conference diary.”

Nick Pound
Head of Partnerships
World Nomads

“Useful experience, good contacts, different perspectives… possibility for business growth! Will definitely participate in the future again!”

Anna Lorenz-Tylicka
Exchange Programs Director
Business Travel Club

“WYSTC is the place to be to connect you and your business with opportunities from all over the world. The business meetings are great and the educational seminars give you a new perspective. The people you meet are leaders in what they do and overall the conference is awesome!”

Alex Mitroi
Operations Director
American Experience

“Excellent conference and experience.”

Terri Hamilton
Travel Coordinator
BYU London Centre

“I have, in general, found WYSTC to be a wonderful opportunity to meet with industry members from around the world. It fosters potential business relationships and increases one’s awareness of trends and opportunities to grow our business on a global stage.”

Ron Jeffery
Business Development Manager
Merit Travel

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