Terms and Conditions


The Global Youth Travel Awards 2017 (“GYTAs”) are open to all businesses, private or public organisations and individuals (aged 18 years or over) in the youth, student and educational travel sector.

The Global Youth Travel Awards consist of fifteen Award Categories, eleven of which are evaluated by a panel of selected judges (Nominated Categories) and four of which are Consumer-voted Categories.

The deadline to submit application forms for all Nominated Categories is 23:59 CET on 14 August 2017. Entries received after this deadline will not be processed.

Voting for the consumer-voted awards will close at 23:59 CET on 3 September 2017.

The initiative, project, service or product referred to in any Award Category submission, or at least a part of it, must have taken place or been launched between 1 January 2016 and the date of entry.

The winner and finalists in each category will be announced during a gala dinner to be held in Montreal, Canada during the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) on 28 September 2017.

Entering the GYTAs

Nominated Categories

Organisations can enter into one or more Nominated Categories.

Organisations may submit multiple entries in the same Category.

In case of duplicate entries, the one received latest will be taken into consideration.

It is possible to enter on behalf of another organisation, provided that you are entitled to or have obtained an authorisation.

By submitting an entry or making a nomination, you confirm that you are entitled to enter and have obtained all and any consents, permissions and authorisations required.

By submitting an entry or making a nomination, you confirm that the information contained in the submission is accurate and truthful. Submissions and nominations must not be copied, nor contain any third-party materials and/ or content that you do not have permission to use and must not otherwise be obscene, defamatory, fraudulent, unethical or illegal, violate trademarks, infringe copyrights, or overall falsely represent their company/brand in order to gain an advantage in our judging criteria.

WYSE Travel Confederation reserves the right to disqualify entrants if breaches to the aforementioned requirements are suspected.

WYSE Travel Confederation is under no obligation to publish or exhibit any Award Category entry.

Consumer-voted Categories:

Use of any automated system to register or enter one of the Consumer-voted Categories is strictly prohibited and will result in automatic disqualification.

WYSE Travel Confederation reserves the right to investigate and eventually disqualify questionable accounts, block any suspicious IP addresses that may be fraudulent or constitute any type of cheating and/or install or activate additional security systems at its discretion during the voting period.


WYSE Travel Confederation may contact entrants to verify their identity and confirm their inclusion in the process.

WYSE Travel Confederation will shortlist a maximum of five entries per category, by reviewing the information provided on the application forms.

A panel of judges, all of whom are industry experts, will assess shortlisted applications for each Award Category and score each one based on the established judging criteria. The highest scoring application will be the winner.

Judges are asked to declare any business connection with shortlisted organisations. In the case of a conflict of interest the judge will not take part in scoring applications in that Award Category.

The full list of judges will be disclosed after the evaluation process is complete.

Shortlisted organisations

The contact person of each shortlisted organisation will be contacted by email by the first week of September 2017.

The contact person of each shortlisted organisation will be asked to designate one representative of the company who will attend the Awards Ceremony.

Designated representatives of shortlisted organisations who are already registered as delegates at WYSTC 2017 do not need to purchase a ticket to the Awards Ceremony.

Shortlisted organisations who are not already registered at WYSTC 2017 will be offered one nominative free ticket for the designated representative to attend the Awards Ceremony.

Tickets to the awards ceremony are non-transferrable.

Additional representatives of shortlisted organisations may purchase tickets (subject to availability) if they wish to attend the Awards Ceremony.

Shortlisted entrants might be contacted by WYSE Travel Confederation prior to the Awards Ceremony to gather further detail on their entry and to create content for WYSE Travel Confederation’s websites, newsletters, articles, press releases and any other material that may be published by WYSE Travel Confederation before, during and after the Awards Ceremony.

The winners and finalists of each Award Category will receive a trophy, a digital logo and a certificate from WYSE Travel Confederation reflecting their achievement.

The winners may request additional trophies to be displayed in different branches of their organisation. Additional information is available upon request at awards@wysetc.org .

The winners and finalists in the GYTAs consent to the use by WYSE Travel Confederation, for an unlimited time, of their image, photograph, biography, logo, brand and name for publicity purposes in any medium and in advertising and marketing.

General Terms and Conditions

WYSE Travel Confederation accepts no responsibility for entries that are lost, delayed, misdirected or incomplete or cannot be delivered for any technical or other reason. Proof of submission of the entry is not proof of receipt.

WYSE Travel Confederation reserves the right not to process entries that do not meet the entry criteria, are incomplete or violate these Terms and Conditions .

WYSE Travel Confederation shall use and take care of any personal information supplied in accordance with data protection legislation.

By entering the GYTAs or making a nomination, you agree to the collection, retention, usage and distribution of your personal information in order to process and contact you about your entry, and to administer the GYTAs.

WYSE Travel Confederation reserves the right at any time to cancel, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the GYTAs with or without prior notice and without liability to any third party.

WYSE Travel Confederation accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered as a result of entering the GYTAs or attending the ceremony.

WYSE Travel Confederation shall not be liable for any failure to comply with its obligations relating to GYTAs where the failure is caused by something outside its reasonable control. Such circumstances shall include, but not be limited to, weather conditions, fire, flood, hurricane, strike, industrial dispute, war, hostilities, political unrest, inevitable accidents, terrorism, supervening legislation or any other circumstances amounting to force majeure.

The GYTAs and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Dutch law and entrants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Dutch courts.

Any complaints regarding GYTAs should be e-mailed to awards@wysetc.org.