Speakers and moderators

Enda Kelleher

Vice President, Sprintax

Enda Kelleher is the Vice President of North America for Sprintax. Having spent two university summers in the US and one in Canada, followed by a year in Australia, he had an early appreciation for the cultural exchange experience. Now based in New York, he leads the Sprintax team who collectively assist more than 200,000 non-residents with their taxes each year, covering the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They offer smart compliance technology solutions to employers, agents, sponsors and the program participants themselves.

Prior to moving to the US, Enda worked in international sales for Mace Promotions covering Asia and Africa and before this had his own marketing agency in Dublin. When not talking tax, he is still a keen traveller, currently racking up 49 US states and 63 countries.


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