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Seminar preview – Non-profit Vs for-profit: Choose the best match for your organisation at WYSTC 2015

25 June 2015
25 Jun 2015 -

Volunteer programmes are run by both for-profit and non-profit organisations, raising questions about business motivations, accountability and benefits to projects and communities.

In this interactive seminar – non-profit vs. for-profit – a panel of representatives of various organisation types will present, discuss and debate the differences between the two different models, what organisations should consider, and debate the strengths and weaknesses of each model.

The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts throughout the session.

If you are a sending or receiving volunteer organisation then this is the ideal seminar for you, particularly if you are looking for ways to help you assess future partners.

Meet the panellists

Andy Woods-Ballard, Director of Business Development, Global Visions International (GVI)

Andy has worked in the volunteer travel sector since 1997 and has since run numerous volunteer programmes and expeditions on the ground across Africa and Latin America before moving into the administrative side of volunteer travel.




Greg Bows, Managing Director, African Impact

After travelling the African continent extensively, English born Greg settled in Zimbabwe a few years later, where he co-founded African Impact. The organisation offers volunteering projects on the Africa continent and hosts volunteers from all over the globe.





As a former high school and university exchange student herself, Bettina firmly believes in the power of exchange programmes as a means to promote intercultural understanding.





Madeline started out by volunteering with Conservation Volunteers Australia as part of a round the world trip from England, choosing eventually to live in Australia. She then moved from volunteering into employment with the organisation.