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Secure Hotel Booking

Secure Booking System – Important Information
All subject to availability.

Standard dates available

  • You can use the secure booking system to book any stay that falls within ‘’Check-in 18 Sep 2016” – “Check-out 25 Sep 2016”, in case you want time to experience more of Belgrade, Serbia.

Pre-set dates / how to change them

  • The secure booking system is automatically set to ‘’Check-in 20 Sep 2016” – “Check-out 24 Sep 2016” to cover the core conference dates.
  • To change the dates, please scroll to the bottom of the page, change the dates and press “Search”.

How to book additional nights – special requests

  • In case you plan on an extended trip, it is possible to request extra nights at the WYSTC 2016 recommended hotels. However, this is not possible directly in the booking system.
  • You need to email the request to support@gpa.rs once your core booking has been processed on the secure booking system. A request will then be made to the hotel on your behalf, and the team will get back to you with confirmation, subject to availability.

Please note: As you use the booking system it will round up the costs and total payable to the nearest Euro, however, your final charge will be exact.