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South African Tourism launches global campaign

10 April 2015
10 Apr 2015 -

National Geographic Channel and South African Tourism have partnered to create a Nelson Mandela-inspired global campaign launching in April on the channel.

National Geographic photojournalist, Pablo Corral Vega, recently visited South Africa to embark on a journey tracing the heroic life of Mandela. The two organisations collaboratively commissioned a video capturing Vega’s journey around South Africa.

National Geographic Channel

The campaign will air in South African Tourism’s key markets across North America, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Europe, with an estimated audience of over 300 million. This video is part of the channel’s ‘Through The Lens’ series, featuring vignettes by a portfolio of top National Geographic photographers.

The photojournalist’s journey started in the Eastern Cape in Qunu, where Mandela spent his early childhood tending herds as a cattle-boy. Vega also visited many of the memorial sites and monuments in varied locations throughout South Africa, from the Union Buildings in Pretoria to Robben Island off the coast of Cape Town.

Mandela opened up our beautiful country, once a pariah state, to the rest of the world and his name alone has attracted millions of tourists wanting to walk in his footsteps to South Africa every year. Through this vignette, we know that many people around the world will be encouraged and inspired to come to South Africa to experience Mandela’s life journey, our rich history and the warm welcome of our people,” said South African Tourism CEO, Thulani Nzima.