Local volunteer project

The local volunteer project is a traditional first-day activity at the World Youth and Student Travel Conference and is an opportunity for the WYSE Travel Confederation team and youth industry leaders to contribute to the conference’s host city. Through this project we reiterate our commitment to support local communities in a sustainable way.

The project for WYSTC 2018 Edinburgh was held on a community farm which serves socially vulnerable groups in the area of multiple deprivation relating to poor housing, lack of employment and education, as well as health risks associated with alcohol, drug taking, and mental health issues. The farm provides community services and employment opportunities focusing on inclusion, education and sustainability.

WYSTC delegates helped out with a variety of outdoor maintenance tasks including renovation of education greenhouses, painting chicken runs and weeding cobbled paths.

We are currently planning the 2019 volunteer project so stay tuned for more information on the project itself and the sign-up procedure.

WYSTC 2018: volunteer project in Edinburgh, Scotland.

WYSTC 2017: volunteer project in Montréal, Canada.

WYSTC 2016: volunteer project in Belgrade, Serbia.