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Connecting the dots: Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

Thursday, 20 September – 17:00 – 17:20
Workshop area – Moffat room

Ecuador is a small but wonderfully diverse country with so much to offer for travellers. The Galapagos have a special place in our hearts and in 2018 we started with a dream to create a Lab-of-Life on the island of San Cristobal, where we connect nature, the local community, and travellers. Join Nicole for a short journey through Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. She’ll start in the nice streets of the historical centre of Quito, where you can balance an egg on the equator line – and get a certificate for doing so! You’ll then stand in the snow on the Cotopaxi volcano, go down to the jungle and look for monkeys and come back up to the Andean Mountains while engaging in some adventurous sports around the town of Baños. The coastal areas offer surfing and whale watching and to top it all off, check off your bucket list an encounter with the unique species during a visit to the Galapagos Islands.


Nicole Roodenburg

Colourful Ecuador Travels

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