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How to create shared value in tourism

Wednesday, 9 October – 12:00 – 13:00

During this session we will explore how your business can enhance the customer experience and create shared value at the same time – most importantly, why should you care about creating shared value in tourism? What does the industry expect and what do your customers want? You will hear about the existing sustainable travel trends and industry pressures and learn practical ways to make your business more responsible and socially conscious, including:

  • Areas to boost your business responsibility and social engagement
  • High-impact low-cost solutions for giving back to communities
  • How to start creating change one step at a time


Anula Galewska

Responsible Business Manager
Urban Adventures

Jonathan Gilben


Why attend

  • Over 650 attendees from the global youth and student travel industry
  • 180+ pre-selected buyers
  • Up to 48 pre-scheduled business appointments
  • 92% senior management attendees
  • 30 seminars and workshops
  • Up to 7 networking events