B Corps: Towards a new business civilization

Friday, 11 October – 15:30 – 15:50
Workshop area

Since the propagation of the neo-liberal economic model that dominates our times, we have assumed that ‘the business of business is business’. Unfortunately, this is blind to the basic reality that businesses and society are interdependent. Now we know better.

For millennials and the next generations, there exists no other way of doing business. New generations are born with a sensitivity to global causes and they choose to buy from companies that can assure that they have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Historically, social change movements have happened outside of business, in civil society, in politics, in activism. However, the B Corp can propel all businesses to shift to a new business civilisation where the power of enterprise can lead humanity forward to unimaginable futures.

Join Agustina Gutiérrez of TINGUA Intercultural Experiences for a review of the B Corp model. She will review how we have reconnected the worlds of work and money with the worlds of communities and ideals. She will demonstrate, from a talent and know-how perspective, that running a business more consciously of its impact is like applying a second intelligence and that this is exciting and challenging and it makes for well-rounded business people and human beings.


Agustina Gutiérrez

Executive Director
TINGUA Intercultural Experiences

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