Scaling up your business

Thursday, 10 October – 11:00 – 12:00
Room: Auditorium 8

You’ve built a successful business by developing a unique product.

Your team performs well.  

You provide outstanding service to a solid base of partners and customers.

Demand is yours for the taking.

Is it time to scale up? What should you do and how do you do it?

During this discussion you will hear from leaders of small- and medium-sized enterprises about their experiences in scaling and growing a travel business. Customer insight, yield management, investment, talent retention, and company culture are some of the topics that will be debated.


Anne Dolan

Clink Hostels

Lauren Groves

General Manager

Michael Weiss



Vicki Cunningham

Group Director, Work Abroad
STA Travel

Why attend

  • Over 600 attendees from the global youth and student travel industry
  • 150+ pre-selected buyers
  • Up to 48 pre-scheduled business appointments
  • 92% senior management attendees
  • 25 seminars and workshops
  • Up to 7 networking events