Speakers and moderators

Chris Engler

Managing Director, World Unite!

Chris Engler, a German national, is founder and managing director of World Unite!, a provider of educational travel experiences with inbound services and teams in Japan, Zanzibar, Tanzania, South Africa, Morocco and Germany, and outbound sales offices in Japan, Germany and Austria. The focus of World Unite! is on working holidays, internships and volunteering programs.

After having worked as a leisure attraction designer in Florida and Europe for several years and having graduated with a MA in Tourism Management from the University of Brighton in the UK, Chris started World Unite! in Zanzibar in 2005, and since then has been developing programmes in various countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe, not only growing World Unite! to its current size with a multinational team of currently 58 members, but also working as a consultant to local, regional and national tourism authorities and other tourism stakeholders in the fields of youth travel, community tourism, ecotourism and sustainable travel. In Japan, Chris is a pioneer of working holiday support programs.

Chris is also an intercultural coach, runs a safari company in Tanzania and several web portals focusing on niche travel activities.

Why attend

  • More than 40 pre-scheduled face-to-face and/ or virtual business appointments
  • Opportunity to meet with 100 pre-selected buyers
  • Access to attendees list including buyer information
  • Engaging educational programme
  • Coffee breaks and lunches (for the in-person element)
  • Informal networking opportunities (for the in-person element)