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Interview: Dan Baker

23 September 2016
23 Sep 2016 -

Dan, tell me about StudentUniverse and the success of your FLIGHTS app, can you give us some details?

Sure, we had 1,000s of bookings, now we have 10,000s. 20-30,000 bookings via mobile in fact.

These are big numbers Dan.

Sure and thanks. These are due to the app being downloaded over 500,000 times and we have an average of 17 sessions per user. People like to use our app.

Those numbers are staggering, how and why so high?

Firstly, 50% of our market are Asian. They are very used to In-app purchasing and are comfortable with booking on a phone. Also, 50% of flight bookings are long haul and 65% are repeat bookings.

So, do you have plans to extend this beyond only flights?

Yes we do, HOTELS is coming out in a couple of months.

Flight Centre bought you recently. Do they crowd your space?

We have a great relationship with Flight Centre and they leave us alone, something our own management is keen to continue.