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Group trips are on the rise – Join our session for tips on getting your group to a destination with ease

10 June 2015
10 Jun 2015 -
Mike Cleary

As short-term faculty-led programmes and group trips increase in popularity, many organisers – who may not have a lot of experience in booking and coordinating travel – are tasked with not only managing the experience abroad, but also getting the group there.

From putting together the itinerary, to booking air travel and accommodation, to finalising the group size and coordinating payment, the management of all of this can be enough to deter some faculty members from signing up to lead the trip. Organisers do have resources they can leverage to help manage this, with many choosing to engage a travel agent to book group travel and help ease the logistics of planning the trip.

EPSON DSC PictureJoin speakers Even Becker and Mike Cleary from Student Universe for an informative discussion that will focus on group travel topics such as; what group travel is and the benefits of booking group airfare, as well as tips to make the experience of getting the group from point A to point B a little easier, which will ultimately help the group leader focus on what’s important—the experiences in-destination.