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Eating like a local: The hungry millennial traveller abroad

Speaker | Wendy Morrill, Educational Associate, WYSE Travel Confederation 
Thursday, 24 September | 17:00-17:20

Tasty food and friendly locals are two of the most important features of a great travel destination, according to millennial travellers. Food is important to most of us when travelling as we consider at the most basic level what, when and where to eat. Answering these questions often requires knowledge of the local culture of food. What is customary to eat for breakfast? What time do restaurants open for dinner? Is there meat or alcohol in it?

Building on the ‘live like a local’ findings of the 2014 Millennial Traveller Survey, WYSE Travel Confederation’s Food and Travel Survey set out to understand how young travellers see food and drink as part of an international travel experience. Where do young travellers look for dining and drinking advice before heading abroad and how much are they spending when they get there? What are their favourite places to consume food and drink and does free WiFi influence their choice? Just how often are young travellers partaking in ‘food porn’ and do they share more than just photos of their international food discoveries?

During this workshop Wendy Morrill from WYSE Travel Confederation will present key findings from the WYSE Food and Travel Survey to published in a forthcoming WYSE report.