Business Appointments

At WYSTC you can to schedule up to 45 face-to-face meetings, plus join networking events, workshops and seminars.

Through pre-scheduled meetings you will be able to put faces to names and develop trade and business alliances with sellers and buyers from across the world, thereby accelerating the speed-to-market of products and services.

Each delegate can meet with up to 45 organisations through 20-minute sessions – travelling around the world without leaving the conference venue.

Appointments may take place at your own booth or at tables provided by WYSTC.

Marcom ACE

It’s simple to book your business appointments and have full control over your WYSTC 2018 schedule with Marcom ACE.

Marcom ACE is the industry-leading one-to-one appointment scheduling system. Hosted over the internet, it enables you to search for and book meetings with delegates before the event, plus create your personal event programme.

With Marcom eSchedule ACE you may:

  • Create your own profile so that delegates can find you
  • Use filtering to find delegates that are relevant to your business
  • Request appointments with fellow delegates, including buyers
  • Have full control over who you meet and when
  • View information about registered delegates
  • Download lists of participants to Excel or PDF
  • Access Marcom ACE through your PC or mobile device
  • Schedule onsite last minute meetings