The 80-minute MBA: A poem by John Knell

At WYSTC 2018, we heard from one of UK’s leading thinkers, John Knell, on the changing face of work and organisations on key issues around culture, leadership, and sustainability, and the essentials of excellent communication.

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What value can be placed on digital nomads?

Who is a digital nomad? What value do they bring to the travel industry and why should organisations start to take notice? In this relaxed and informal discussion, our expert panelists shared their insights and predictions on what a digital nomad is seeking and how the youth travel industry can foster new ways of combining life and travel.

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WYSTC 2018 Welcome Keynote

At the official opening of this year’s World Youth and Student conference in Edinburgh, the theme of sustainable and responsible travel has never been more pressing. Yet, if we really want to understand the needs of youth travellers, we must listen to what they have to say.

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The WYSTC workshop is your 20-minute dose of expert insight

There are 19 workshops that offer WYSTC 2018 delegates quick, 20-minute doses of expert insights on everything from technology, to sales strategy, to market research, destinations, sustainability, and branding. The WYSTC workshop programme kicks off on Wednesday, 19...

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Learn from the pros, get the most out of WYSTC 2018

Now in its 27th year, the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) attracts leaders in the youth and student travel market from around the world for three days of trading, networking, and digging into the latest industry insights. We spoke to a longtime WYSE Travel Confederation member who has headed to WYSTC nearly every year.

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