Local Volunteer Project: Help Feed Montreal’s Youth

A World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) 2017 volunteer opportunity



Tuesday, 26 September from 07:50 – 12:30

WYSTC delegates are invited to dedicate one morning to volunteering for the benefit of the local community. This year WYSE Travel Confederation is partnering with Moisson Montreal, the food bank warehouse providing food aid each month to over 137,000 people, nearly 45,000 of whom are children.

About Moisson Montréal (MM):

  • Serves approximately 254 community organizations on a regular basis and provides ad hoc assistance to 55 more organizations on the Island of Montreal
  • Works closely with 304 agri-food businesses to effectively collect their donations
  • Distributes 14.2 million kilos of food and other basic products worth nearly $81.5M

What we will do:

  • Pack food, sort fruit/vegetables, label goods, and move packed boxes
  • MM provides induction, distributes tasks, and has a supervisor present for any questions


  • 07:50  Meet in the lobby of Hyatt Regency Montreal for private bus to MM
  • 08:30  Start at the MM warehouse
  • 12:00  Departure from the MM warehouse
  • 12:30  Arrive back at Hyatt Regency Montreal

What to consider:

  • The work is physical and involves moving, sorting, lifting, packing
  • The temperature in the warehouse is between 4 and 8 Celsius (39 and 64 Fahrenheit)
  • Shorts, short-sleeved tops, jewelry, open-toe shoes are NOT allowed in the warehouse
  • Wear protective and warm clothing: long trousers, long-sleeved tops, closed-toe shoes or boots
  • MM will provide aprons, gloves, and toe-caps

What to do if you want to participate:

  • Complete the form below to confirm your participation
  • Add Local Volunteer Project to your schedule in Marcom
  • Pack, bring and wear the right clothing (please see above)
  • Meet in the lobby of Hyatt Regency Montreal (255 Jeanne Mance St) at 07:50 on Tuesday, 26 September