Millennial and Gen Z travellers are travelling more and more, and with this comes the desire to seek new, enriching experiences. However, is there a lack of awareness among young people about how to travel responsibly, and if so, how can the industry help to educate this generation?

GROUND Asia is passionate about educating travellers about how to travel responsibly, through providing educational resources and programmes. During our afternoon workshop, Lauren Groves, General Manager of GROUND Asia, shared advice on how all organisations within the industry can work towards promoting responsible tourism to their customers: 

  • Do not reinvent the wheel – start small, utilise and develop the knowledge that you currently have and use this to your advantage
  • Make the most of your current resources – promote ongoing campaigns  
  • Manage customer expectations – collaborate with your stakeholders and customers to ensure messages based around sensitive topics are delivered in an appropriate way to the target audience

¨Our aim is to inspire and educate a generation of young travellers who go on to travel responsibly throughout their lives. Not everyone has the confidence and knowledge to compile the information to educate youth travellersGROUND Asia breaks this down into manageable chunks and, as there is no competition, we want to distribute our resources as widely as possible,¨ remarks Lauren Groves. 

GROUND Asia has kindly shared their training resources on responsible photography here.