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Mobile marketing masterclass: How we increased mobile bookings by over 300%

Wednesday, 21 September


Speaker: Dan Baker, Head of UK Marketing and Business Development, StudentUniverse

Moderator: Liam Doyle, Managing Director, Clink Hostels

Having made a strong commitment to mobile over the last two years, StudentUniverse is now reaping the rewards with tens of thousands of students across the world booking travel via mobile devices.

An impressive 300% increase in mobile bookings was driven by a marketing strategy designed to provide a mobile-first service for users who wanted to book on mobile.

Dan Baker will share the StudentUniverse experience of going mobile-first during this session and discuss what you need to know about how students search and book travel on the go, including:

  • Who books via mobile and why?
  • The differences between mobile and desktop when it comes to search, booking and products purchased
  • Why mobile marketing is essential to your brand.

He will also suggest strategies on how to reach young people via mobile using best practices that provide a seamless omni-channel experience, such as:

  • Multi-device and channel attribution
  • Use of in-app technologies to supplement marketing
  • Cost-effective mobile marketing channels to engage the modern youth customer.