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Changes and challenges in marketing volunteer travel

Thursday, 22 September

11:30 – 12:50

Suzette Eastmond, Director, Academic Plus Volunteer
Troy Peden, Founder, GoAbroad.com
Daniel Radcliffe, Founder & Executive Director, International Volunteer HQ
Bettina Wiedmann, Executive Director, Experiment e.V.

Moderator: Phil Sylvester, Head of Content, World Nomads

Over the years the volunteer travel industry has grown to what is now a market worth an estimated USD 2 billion with 10 million service-based travellers annually. With this growth has come increased media exposure. Just like many other headlines, negative stories tend to attract the bulk of attention and ‘voluntourism’ has attained a somewhat negative image and reputation. Considering the socially conscious Millennial and up-and-coming Gen Z travellers, what changes should you be considering when developing and marketing volunteer travel programmes? Panellists will discuss the latest trends and developments that volunteer programmes face in terms of marketing and share their ideas on what changes are necessary to address such challenges.